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In The Pursuit of Human Connection

Double Line

Double Line completes educationally impactful projects that were previously deemed impossible by others.

Double Line: Headliner

How did it happen

Going Over Data

The Consult

Double Line is a Education and Consulting firm that specializes in making sense of data for state and government education agencies. The people at Double Line are experts in their areas, but most importantly, they are humans. The brand identity was not reflecting that, and needed to be worked on.
The Consult gathers insights on; decision makers, general ideas, deadlines, target audience, scope of the project, etc.


The Research

Based on the information gathered from the first consult, the research phase begins. Working alongside with the client, data is collected; current identity, pricing, digital presence, processes, competition, etc. The main goal is to have a deeper knowledge of client, the project and its environment.


The Drawing Board

While research is going on, imagination is let loose. Sketches are a good way to start testing shapes and forms. Sketches were presented to the client in a way that shows a progression on the ideas and how they come to being.


Digitizing the Idea

Sketches are digitized in order to make sure the visual aspects are not overlooked. Besides, it is nice to see a more polished version of icons and typography. Both sketches and digital version were presented and explained.

Brand Guidelines-Logogram-02.png

The Logo

After including all personnel in the process of creating icons and selecting typography, and colors, we were ready to move in to the creation of the logogram.

DL-Business Card-03.png

Next Steps

Once the logogram was agreed on and ready to be used, we started the identity process. The logo was put to the test in different environments in order to validate our decision. From business cards to website, everything was put to the test. Employees were involved in the creation of assets and imagery selection. For example, a set of different business cards were designed and distributed amongst employees to gather feedback and input. Once we went through the findings, we would refine the business cards. This allowed a faster process and everyone was invested in the transformation process.

Brand Guidelines-Color-06.png


In order to maintain consistency with the assets being created,  by testing, gathering feedback, modifying and validating, the brand guidelines were being developed at the same time. Different systems were created; typography, color, iconography and imagery. These systems would help brand users and ambassadors to interact with the different elements while maintaining consistency across different platforms.

Brand Guidelines-Icons-03.png

Communicating with Symbols

An icon system was design to communicate main ideas and present complex information in a synthesized and visual way. Icons were used on PowerPoint presentations, marketing material and website.


The Website

The website was an important part of the project, even though it consisted of one page and links to sections within the same page. The wireframes helped determine the different sections and the order in which the user would navigate the page. We all wanted to make it as simple as possible for users to see all the information at a glance, and also  be able to download literature that would provide more insight through case studies. Content and assets were created at the same time in conjunction with Double Line's employees. Visit the website here.

Brand Guidelines-Imagery-01.png

The Guidelines

After all the assets have been created and deployed, we have a clear understanding on how the brand thrives in different scenarios. Now, it is easier share that knowledge to everyone in the organization; the why's, the how's and the what's of the brand identity.

Double Line: Additional Services
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